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Congratulations Mrs. Cameron!

Congratulations to Mrs. Cameron on her retirement! Mrs. Cameron has taught 5th grade at Fairview for 15 years. Before that, she taught 1st and 3rd grades at Cornelius Elementary, 3rd grade at Lansdowne Elementary and 4th grade at Bain Elementary.

When asked what she will miss the most about Fairview, Mrs. Cameron replied, "I will miss seeing my Fairview family, staff and students alike. I will miss the smiles, laughter and friendship with the staff. I will miss reading great stories to students, and seeing kids excited about figuring out new skills. I will miss the crazy stories kids tell about their everyday lives, and telling them the crazy stories of mine."

When asked what she looks most forward to in retirement, Mrs. Cameron says, "Time. Time to be able to enjoy places that I have never been, time to make memories with my family, and time to help others. I'm looking forward to peaceful mornings outside, lingering lunches with friends, and afternoons filled with sharing with others and learning new things. School may be out for me, but learning never ends!"

Mrs. Cameron says, "I appreciate the love and support that I've had from the Fairview staff, students and families. Fairview will always hold a special place in my heart."

Thank you so much, Mrs. Cameron, for your years of service to our school! You are much loved and will surely be missed!

Judy Dawson
(704) 753-2800