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Congratulations Ms. Schoeppner!

We are honoring one of Fairview's Retirees-Ms. Tracy Schoeppner. Ms. Schoeppner has been teaching at Fairview for 32 years! She began teaching a separate setting class for 13 years at the orignial Fairview location, and has been teaching the resource class since we moved into our 'new' building in 2001. She had previously taught at a few schools in Georgia, but in North Carolina all her time has been at Fairview School.

When asked what she will miss most about Fairivew, Ms. Schoeppner replied, "I will definitely miss the friends I have made, the daily atmosphere, the family feeling, the students, and watching them when something finally makes sense to them."

Ms. Schoeppner is most looking forward to NOT driving 60 miles a day in her retirement!

Finally, Ms. Schoeppner says, "Thank you, Fairview, for always being there for me, for listening and for your support. I love you all and will miss each and every one of you, every day."

Thank you, Ms. Schoeppner, for your years of service to our school! You are much loved and will be surely missed!

Judy Dawson