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What are first graders learning about?

First graders have been learning about the importance of rules and laws and why they are needed in the home, school, and community during our citizenship unit. Students have done fun activities for social studies at home and at school. We loved using books and educational videos from Discovery Education to help teach students why rules and laws are important. Our students have journaled about conflict resolution, different rules we have at school and at home, and who our important authority figures are.

We love to integrate reading into our social studies time. We have read some great fiction and nonfiction books during this unit including No David!, David Goes To School, What If Everyone Did That?, Officer Buckle and Gloria, and Being A Good Citizen.

Let's hear what some students had to say during our citizenship unit.

"I know not to cheat in games because if I do, people will not play with me." - Mira L.

"A police officer is an authority figure." - West P.

"Being a good citizen means helping other people." - Bryce P.

"You should ask questions before you complain." - Anistyn L.



Emily Selvidio