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Welcome Mrs. Haggard!

We welcome Mrs. Haggard to Fairview!

Mrs. Haggard has worked at several schools in Union County, including East, Marshville, Wingate and Union Elementary. She has taught Special Education, CBSS and ACC classes. During her time at Union, she taught as a Resource Teacher. She loves to work with students with autism.

In her own words-

"Orginally from Washington State, I was raised as an Army brat, and have seen most areas of the USA at least in passing, and lived on both sides of the country. I was in Washington for Mt. Saint Helens and here in North Carolina for Hurricane Hugo. I have 3 amazing little brothers, but being the only girl even with having them I can still say I am the favorite...well, daughter, that is. My brothers' careers range from an engineer, a long distance truck driver and my baby brother is now retired Air Force.

I have three sons, a stepson, and three children (two girls and a boy) we support in other countries including Korea, Sri Lanka and Spain. Su Yuong, our oldest girl, lives in South Korea, and would be in my class if she were here. She recently graduated her highest grade, learning to sew to be able to support herself. I am very proud of her! I had so much fun making and mailing things that were in Korean, picture support and English. I think her favorite book was Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Her caregiver wrote that she carried it with her everywhere for a very long time. I guess that's why I love to spend time with that book in class.

Our boys are grown. We are very proud of all four of them and the goals they have reached and are continuing to aspire toward. My parents are now retired and recently moved to North Carolina from Upstate New York. My father is a chaplain for the Christian Motorcycle Association, and he and mom ride their bikes across the country and spread the word of God. I have many aunts and uncles that live up and down the West Coast. I took my husband to the West Coast to show him my side of the world last year. I think he is in love with it and all its beauty.

In my free time I love to travel to concerts, take trips to the beach and explore different areas of our nation with my husband. We go to New Hampshire every year for a week long concert in the mountains and then hit a couple of other events on the way home. We normally do several Winterjam concerts and go to tons of other Christian concerts. I love everything from Mandesa, Tobymac, to Sidewalk Prophets and Skillet! You can catch me sitting in that big beautiful RAM Victor (short for Victory), listening to my favorite Christian music wide-open in the mornings, tuning out the world, using that time in my war room lifting up people and needs...sometimes I am not praying, just listening to Him..I love it!

I like to better myself and attend many webinars to help me be a better instructor. I am spending a great deal of time right now working to finish my National Boards (which is a double adventure during Covid). After that, perhaps I will finish my masters. When I have free time, I garden some, enjoy crafts and things that allow creativity. PreCovid, I spent a great deal of time at the gym. I look forward to those days returning. I tend to be goal oriented and constantly putting another goal or task in my pool of 'to do'. A day without purpose, I would not enjoy.

Although I would very much like to, I am not very good at getting to know people, partially because of who I am and partially because of what I do. My corner of the world tends to be full enough that I am not able to interact with others much, but I would very much enjoy getting to know others here and am very excited to be part of this wonderful team. I look forward to spending many years here."

We are happy you are here with us, Mrs. Haggard!

Judy Dawson