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Congratulations to Mrs. Redden on her retirement!

Congratulations to Mrs. Redden on her retirement!


Mrs. Redden began her teaching career at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School in 1983. She taught fourth grade there her first year and then first grade there until 1993. She has worked here at Fairview for 18 years teaching kindergarten.


When asked what she will miss most about Fairview, Mrs. Redden says, “Everything-because it’s more than a job. Fairview has been my family. I’ve been through a divorce, being a single mom, remarriage and cancer, and this place and the people here have been like my family.”


She is looking forward to long walks with her dog, Sasha, traveling with her husband, Michael, gardening vegetables, and getting back into her yoga practice.


Mrs. Redden added, “You should teach every year like it’s your last. The time goes so fast. I’ve had more patience this year because I knew it would be my last. I will miss all the friendships I’ve made over the last 18 years. I’m so grateful to Mrs. Thomas for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to do something I love.”


Mrs. Redden has the gift of loving all her students and making each one believe that he or she is her favorite. Her classroom has always been a bright spot at Fairview School, and she will be greatly missed. Mrs. Redden, we are so grateful for you and your service to Fairview over the years. We wish you the very best of all things in your retirement. Thank you so much!


Judy Dawson