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Questions about Class Dojo?

Fairview Families! Do you have questions about Class Dojo? Check out the video attached below.  


Please note the following: 

  1. Students will receive "negative points" ONLY when purchasing items from the School Store. They're technically NOT "negative points." Think of it like a bank account. Money only deducts from your bank account when you purchase something. Same concept. 🙂 School store purchases will show up in your parent report. 
  2. Class stories will give you updates on general school activities, house events, and more. We will not share any private information on our school dojo page or via messagener. If you need to send something private to an administrator or teacher, please call the school (704-296-6332) or communicate via email. 
  3. Class Dojo is a FREE platform available to all faculty, parents, and students. There is an option to purchase Class Dojo PLUS, but it is not required.  You can still use our Class Dojo account without purchasing the Class Dojo Plus subscription.  If you'd like more information about Class Dojo Plus, please click the attached link.

Class Dojo is the platform we using to implement our School-wide House System. Need more information about House and what it's all about? Please click the attached link :