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TTA class learning their rights

TTA is learning about our rights as citizens and students and what our responsibility is regarding those rights. We all have a right to clean water. Water gets dirty from land and water pollution. Many students here at FHHS get their water from wells and others from a government agency, which cleans the water before we can drink it. When people want to clean something, we wash it with some form of soap and water.

A Student in Mrs. Jordan's TTA class examines  a water sample under a microscope. In class discussion Mrs. Jordan presented a sample of clean water and a sample of dirty creek water. The students had to decide which was which. When the decision was made of the dirty water the students then had to opportunity to see through a microscope exactly what the creek water had in it and were amazed at the living organisms that they sometimes can't see. Students were given the opportunity to make their own dirty water from land, air, and water pollution. Mrs. Jordan asked the question, what filtration system will clean dirty water the best?

Students had to guess/make a hypothesis between a sand mixture, rocks, cotton balls or none of these. Students then conducted experiments the next day to test their hypotheses.

Having students find out answers for themselves, to use knowledge to make predictions, and to practice the scientific method to test them out goes a long way in preparing these students for responsible adulthood. Mrs. Jordan works hard to create classroom activities that build students' skills and confidence so that they will be ready for a challenging world.



by Amy Nance, Teacher Assistant