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Brianne Davis named FHHS Teacher of the Year

Brianne Davis always knew she was cut out to be a teacher, but it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she realized that teaching was truly her calling.

Now, in her 12th year of teaching English at Forest Hills High School, her alma mater, Davis has been named Teacher of the Year.

Principal, Dr. Kevin Plue, informs Brianne Davis that she has been named the Forest Hills High Teacher of the Year. Davis always loved learning. She grew up in a diverse family of 10 children. “My older sister is mentally disabled and my younger brother struggled with ADHD and learning disabilities,” she explained. “It always bothered me that people would assume that my challenged siblings were not able to learn because of the obstacles they were facing. I remember doing everything I could to help both of my siblings learn and surpass society’s expectation of them.” 

Davis credits her high school guidance counselor with starting her on her career path by challenging and encouraging her to apply for a teaching scholarship. “She knew that I was meant to follow that path,” said Davis. While completing the responses on that scholarship application, she realized that teaching was in her blood.

After graduating from UNC Greensboro, Davis began teaching English at Forest Hills for the 2008-09 school year. She still teaches English, but now also teaches the Teacher Cadet class, is adviser for Future Teachers of America and Beta Club, and serves as the English department chair, English I/II PLC leader, mentor, and GEM award facilitator.

When asked about what makes her a successful teacher, Davis said, “I am devoted to doing whatever it takes to encourage student growth, and I never give up on a student. My faith has been a guiding force in formulating the principles by which I have molded my career. I feel that I lead by serving others and that I do everything within my power to be positive with my students.”

Forest Hills principal, Dr. Kevin Plue, said of Davis, “Mrs. Davis is not only a great teacher in the classroom, but does so much outside the classroom.  Everything she does is done with passion. Mrs. Davis teaches students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures and is able to build relationships with all of them and help them all be successful.  That is a special talent that not all educators possess.”

Asked what she enjoys most about teaching, Davis responded, “Helping students realize their potential and helping them develop a love for learning and a desire to succeed.”

“As the old adage goes, every child CAN succeed and every child WANTS to succeed. I love cultivating this mindset in each of my students,” said Davis.

Davis is grateful and excited to work at Forest Hills. She believes that the best thing about working at Forest Hills is the community. “Forest Hills is like a family,” she explained. “We are more than just a high school. When I think of Forest Hills, I think of every person in this community that impacts our school. I absolutely love the environment and appreciation shown towards teachers that Forest Hills has to offer.” 

About being named the Forest Hills Teacher of the Year, Davis said, “I am humbled, proud, honored, and blessed to be chosen for this honor.  I am very passionate about Forest Hills High School, and my goal is to encourage other educators to have just as much devotion to our school, community, and students.”

Davis is married to Brad Davis, and together they have two children, Hailey, 7, and Luke, 3.