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Jackets' Java Up and Running

The Forest Hills TTA class has been working diligently on their school-based enterprise, Jackets Java, their mobile coffee and hot chocolate business. Mrs. Jordan, the classroom teacher, won a grant from the Union County Education Foundation that provided funding for the start-up business kit for what the class calls Jackets Java, an affiliate of Bitty & Beau's Coffee Shop.

Students are learning important  tasks such as good hygiene, the importance of business attire and work uniforms, ordering and stocking supplies, filling orders, balancing and collecting monies, and timely delivery, all the aspects needed for running a profitable business other than just making the coffee and hot chocolate. 

Students also learned helpful tactics of job interviewing by participating in mock interviews. In these interviews the students were directed to provide eye contact, give a firm hand shake, and to answer questions clearly, truthfully and pleasantly.

TTA students are excited to WORK, WORK, WORK, and doing so with Jackets Java is preparing them with the skills they'll need to go work elsewhere in the future. 

Mrs. Jordan, right, interviews Mariah as part of their job skills training for their new school-based enterprise.


by: Amy Nance, TTA Class Teacher Assistant