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Tulsa Welding School, Largest Welding School in U.S. presents to Forest Hills Students

“We teach you a trade that will get you paid!” exclaimed Dave Williams, the High School Admissions Representative for Tulsa Welding School.  Williams was a recently featured guest speaker for Forest Hills Agriculture teacher Jonathan Deese.

As Williams presented throughout Deese’s classes, his goal was to motivate students to consider post-secondary education options offered by TWS in fields of welding, HVAC, solar energy, and electromechanical technology.

“Our welding course is only 7 months. It’s shorter than your senior year! With a trade school like Tulsa, we get down to business right away.”  Freshman Cayden Fowler was amazed when Williams advised that on day 2 of class at TWS, he would be welding, even if he had never welded before in his life. 

Williams made another brief presentation to Technology teacher Tim Stegall’s class who commented, “I always recommend my students to consider technical schools.” Technical schools usually have a non-traditional admittance meaning there is no SAT score requirement, and sometimes no GPA requirement either. “What’s important,” Williams emphasized to students, “is that you love working with your hands.”

Founded in 1949, Tulsa Welding School, located in Jacksonville, Florida is the largest welding school in the United States. TWS graduates can return for free to upgrade their skills! Tulsa works in close conjunction with a local U.S. Naval shipyard which gives every TWS graduate a written offer for employment.  

“Without a plan, you’re spinning your wheels. You can’t do it without a skill.”-Dave Williams

For more information on Tulsa Welding School, contact:

Dave Williams-High School Admissions Representative

3500 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville FL 32216