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Counseling and Mental Health Interview with Anna Warren

Forest Hills High School teacher, Anna Warren, was recently interviewed by Spectrum News about the new UCPS Career and Technical Education course-Counseling & Mental Health. Ms. Warren was selected to pilot the course this year as a compliment to the Nursing Fundamentals pathway taught by Health Science teacher, Pam Lanier. UCPS recently announced that most UCPS high schools will begin offering the course this fall.

In the Level I course, students identify mental health, trauma relationships, diversity, dating and dating violence, and family cycles with a focus on social and emotional learning.

FHHS Career Development Coordinator, Deanna Outen, says, “Counseling-related occupations are currently one of the top career openings in our metro area and one of the fastest-growing careers in Union County. The continuum Level II course provides information on those career options in the mental health field.”

Warren says that students have enjoyed learning about the various personality traits and coping mechanisms to deal with an emotional crisis and added, “Students get a lot of their information on mental health from social media and that’s not always factual.”

Upon completion of the Level I and II courses, students will receive a certificate they can add to their resume, reflecting the knowledge they gained on mental health.


To register or receive more information on these courses, including internships, students can speak with Ms. Warren, Mrs. Outen, or their FHHS Counselor.