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FHHS student nominated as CTE Presidential Scholar

Senior Gisselle Gutierrez was selected by Career and Technical Education teachers for her demonstrated ability and initiative in Career and Technical Education.

Gisselle was nominated by Consumer Science teacher Anna Warren who said Gisselle “is already on my level, and she’s only 17!”

From a young age Gisselle loved clothing and says her mother taught her how to sew. “But the Apparel & Textile Production classes taught me how to create things through pattern pieces and use color theory. I haven’t always been good at expressing myself with words. But I can make my own clothing and express myself this way!”

Gisselle was excited to learn that she could advance  her abilities by taking a CTE Advanced Studies class for Apparel. “She’s incredibly detail oriented,” says Warren. “She can look at an item, know exactly how it was created, and know how to fix it.”

Gisselle plans to attend Central Piedmont Community College and major in Business. She is interested in what she refers to as androgenous clothing and feels a Business Degree will help her to develop a brand of clothing for men and women.

 Gisselle Gutierrez sewing

by Deanna Outen, Career Development Coordinator