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Hemby Bridge Welcomes New VIF Teacher

We at Hemby Bridge are so excited to welcome our newest Visiting International Faculty member, third grade teacher Ellie Carruthers!  Ms. Carruthers is from Hillingdon in West London.  Her parents still live in the house in which she and her three siblings grew up.  She remembers hopping the wall behind her house with her brother Charlie and spending the days playing and roller skating in the park there.  Her family has now spread out, including her brother Julian, who owns a software company, and her sister, Debbie, who lives with her family on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the southern coast of England. However, Ms. Carruthers has moved the farthest, as she now lives in Charlotte, near Matthews.


This year marks Ms. Carruthers’ eighth year of teaching children in the primary range, which includes children from three to eleven years.  Most recently, she taught at Wood End Park Academy.  One difference in teaching here in the US and teaching in England is that there is no such thing as “specials”.  She taught all subjects, including incorporating music, art, and physical education into her daily lessons.


Ms. Carruthers has also noted other differences in living here in North Carolina.  “The lay of the land is different. Everybody seems to drive everywhere. At home, we walk a lot and get buses or trains as the transport system is excellent. I didn’t drive for about three years back home as I didn’t need to,” she said.  The weather has also been a huge change for Ms. Carruthers.  Our hot summer and our “startling” use of air conditioning were a big surprise.


We are looking forward to getting to know Ms. Carruthers and her culture, and to learning about our world from a different viewpoint.  Please join us in welcoming Ms. Carruthers to our Hemby Bridge family!