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Kindergarten's Visit to a Farm

Kindergarten students at Hemby Bridge went on an educational field trip to Hunter Farms where they learned about the foods we eat going through a process.

Upon arrival at the farm, the students boarded a covered wagon pulled by a tractor and were instructed to collect kernels of corn, milk from a cow and an egg from the animal barn during their tour of the farm.

The first stop was to go to the dairy and learn about milking cows. Students watched the farmer milk one of the dairy cows and collected a small sample to take with them. Next the students went to the animal barn where they found an egg and fed the goats and sheep.  The next stop was to the learning center.

At the learning center students gave the instructor the milk, egg and corn kernels they had collected along the tour of the farm. The students learned about how food goes through a process before it is delivered to the grocery store shelves. They discussed how milk goes through a process after the cow is milked, so it will be safe for us to drink. He also used a food processor to grind up the corn kernels and make cornmeal. The students learned cornmeal is used in a lot of the foods they eat such as Corn Flakes, Doritos, and corn dogs.

After the learning center the students got to visit the pumpkin patch and pick out a special pumpkin to take home. From there, the students went to the picnic tables and enjoyed a picnic lunch and some free play before loading back onto the buses and returning to school.

 This is definitely a trip the students will remember for years to come.