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Fairy Tale News

Second Grade Presents:          Fairy Tale News

In reading, second graders explored the different elements of fairy tales. In this unit, students had the opportunity to bring their imagination to life by studying the different characters and plots. Students recognized the different types of language used throughout fairy tales. Finally, students used deep critical thinking to compare and contrast different versions of the same fairy tale.

To celebrate everything the readers learned throughout the six weeks, students participated in the production of a play; Fairy Tale News. Students had the opportunity to study each part of the script and audition for the character’s role they wanted! The goal of the auditions was to have students use everything they learned about characters throughout the unit and focus on bringing that character to life! Students could audition for verbal or nonverbal roles in the play. 

Once each student had a role, students were then placed in play committees. Students could select which committee they wanted and felt they could make the best use of time. The committees included technology, costume and props. The technology committee was responsible for creating setting backdrops for each part of the play as well as music for the beginning and the end of the production. The costume committee was responsible for creating character faces and clothing. The props committee designed different items used by the characters. Students were responsible for reading through the script together and creating a plan to present to the teacher before they could begin.

Students rehearsed the play several times and after each time a plus delta was done to help the students self-reflect on things they thought they did well and things they worked to improve. For the final production of the play parents and school staff were invited to come in and watch the students. The students had a great time creating and directing all elements of the play. The students took everything they learned throughout the unit and brought it to life.

This was a great way for students to practice their habits and hold one another accountable for a successful show!



  To celebrate what they learned in our Fairy Tale unit, students created a play.    To celebrate what they learned in our Fairy Tale unit, students created a play.   To celebrate what they learned in our Fairy Tale unit, students created a play.