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100 Days of Leading & Learning

Kindergarten celebrated 100 days of leading and learning!  Students came dressed for the day, looking like they are 100 years old!  Check out the hair, glasses and even canes!  Students also brought in projects they created at home with 100 items.  They were so creative with beads, Legos, pictures and scrapbooking!  Throughout the morning, our kindergarteners rotated to each kindergarten classroom to participate in an activity.  The students stacked 100 cups, counted 100 pieces of cereal for a necklace, flipped a coin 100 times and recorded the results, brainstormed and wrote what they would do with $100 and wrote their numbers all the way to 100!  We had a blast and can’t wait to finish our year out strong!


Kindergarten students celebrate 100 days of school.                                    Kindergarten students celebrate 100 days of school.

Kym Tietsort