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Bullying Plan at ITES

Bullying Information

We appreciate leadership and relationship building at ITES. The act of bullying does not fit into either of those standards. Indian Trail Elementary strives for our students to feel accepted and safe in their school environment which is why we take action when acts of bullying are brought to our attention

Indian Trail Elementary does not tolerate bullying in any form. ITES takes action on all reports and suspicions of bullying. The ITES bullying plan can be accessed here.

Defining Bullying

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior(s) among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and is repeated or has the potential to be repeated over time. Bullying can include, but is not limited to threats, rumors, physical or verbal attacks, and purposefully excluding someone from a group. The definition includes three core elements:

● unwanted aggressive behavior

● observed or perceived power imbalance

● repetition or high likelihood of repetition of bullying behaviors

Bullying is not:

● Isolated episodes of social rejection or dislike

● Isolated acts of foulness or spite

● random acts of aggression or intimidation

● Arguments or disagreements

These actions may cause great distress. However, they are not examples of bullying unless someone is deliberately and repeatedly doing them.

The 4 Types:

● Physical

○ May include, but is not limited to hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching or damaging property

● Verbal

○ May include, but is not limited to, name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, verbal abuse and microaggressions

● Social

○ May include, but is not limited to, spreading rumors, intentionally harming someone through words, excluding others, harassing or embarrassing others

● Cyber

○ May include, but is not limited to, using digital technology to make threats, spread rumors, intimidating others, deliberately excluding others and being intentionally hurtful to others

 Access the ITES Bullying Plan here.

(National Centre Against Bullying,

Nancy Fields