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Learning About Our Amazing Bodies

The Human Body Unit- - 5th Grade


The fifth grade is rocking and rolling with face to face and virtual learning. In our science unit, The Human Body, the teachers and students are not allowing the barriers of virtual learning to stop them in creating an experience to maximize learning.

Students learned about the skeletal system by understanding the function, parts, and importance of their bones. Students also had a chance to see, smell, and touch actual bone, muscle, tendons, and bone marrow.

For our next system, the digestive system, students will have the opportunity to learn about how the digestive system actually works by watching their teacher demonstrate with pantyhose, food, and water to see how food is broken down and moved through the body. 

It is so important that students still have the chance to experiment, so we are finding creative ways to ensure the success of all students.

“If we need to do the experiment everyday so all students have the opportunity, we will.”- Mrs. Miles.

Students are excited about science, which creates an enjoyment of learning for all subjects.

“Thank you for making school fun!”- Nathan

“This is so much fun, I love science!"- Victoria

“This is gross but I really like it, I can’t believe our bodies are so amazing!”- Owen

Mrs. McKinney