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Mrs. Hilkert's class learns some facts about France from a visitor who lived and studied in Lyon.

Samantha Williams, the volunteer coordinator for International House, lived and studied for a year in Lyon. She came in and shared pictures and stories about her year in Lyon with Mrs. Hilkert's first grade classroom. The students were very interested in the Metro and trains that people ride to get around the cities and countryside. They could not imagine what not having a refridgerator was like and did not think that their moms would enjoy going to the market every day to get food for the family. They did like the idea of having a pastry shop below the apartment to get fresh pastries and breads every day. They had fun trying to find a Metro route on the map to help them get around. They liked thinking about all the different things that could be put into crepes, especially the chocolate! Some of them shared what they had been learning in class this year as France is their country of study. They laughed as they practiced some common French words and phrases with Ms. Williams. question time map of France How do you say? The Market