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Mystery Reader Visitor!

Mrs. Crabtree, our mystery reader, volunteers weekly with Project2Heal which is located in Waxhaw. It is a facility that breeds Labrador Retrievers specifically for the purpose of training them to be service dogs. Part of the training for the dogs includes bringing them to local schools and /or nursing homes to help in the socialization process. Once the dogs complete their training, they becomce service dogs or companion dogs for children or young adults with special needs. Phoebe, the specific doge who came to visit, makes regular visits to other elementary schools to interact with the students.

The students were surprised at how well behaved Phoebe was. "I didn't even hear her bark!" was a frequent comment. The students were surprised at how nicely she would lay on the carpet as they listened to the stories that Mrs. Crabtree brought. After Phoebe left, the students talked about how Phoebe was different than their dogs at home. One of the students commented, "That's so neat how dogs can help people just like we can! They are so special!"

Phoebe 2 Phoebe 3 Phoebe 4


Danielle Karadjieff