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Waxhaw Mayor visits second graders at Kensington Elementary to talk about his role in the government.

Waxhaw Mayor Visits Kensington Elementary

Waxhaw Mayor, Steve Maher, visited Kensington Elementary on October 24, 2018.  Mr. Maher answered questions by second grade students about his roles and responsibilities of being a local community leader.  Student questions ranged from, “How old do you have to be to be mayor?” to “What is your favorite part of being mayor?” The second graders were surprised to learn that they could run for mayor at age 18, however, the mayor of Waxhaw only receives a spending allowance, not a paycheck.  

Through the second grade Civics and Government Social Studies unit, students learned that a town council helps the mayor decide rules for the local community.  Mr. Maher confirmed this for students stating, “I work with people to come up with the best ideas to help Waxhaw. If there is a tie vote, I vote to break the tie.”  Mr. Maher connected what he does as mayor to what students do at school. “I study, do homework, just like you. I listen to experts to make decisions for the town,” Mr. Maher told students.

At the conclusion of Mr. Maher’s visit, he reiterated that he enjoys being mayor in order to give back to our community.  Mr. Maher then asked students, “What will you do to give back to your community?” Mr. Maher encouraged the second graders to help out in school as a way of giving back to the community.