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iReady Set Up and Troubleshooting for Parents

Troubleshooting information

i-Ready Troubleshooting for Families


We want to help you!

Please read through this series of questions and use the links provided to help us narrow down what the error is and how to fix it. Please take a look at these questions and directions to ensure that you have first taken the correct path to access i-Ready.


  1. Which type of device are you using, a PC or iPad? (an iPad requires an app to be downloaded in order to operate)
  2. In order to get to the i-Ready program, you must first log into NCEDCloud. Here is a directional to help you get there. For PC     For iPad
  1. Once you are in the Student Start Up page, did you enter through the Clever portal? Here is a video demonstration of how to get to iReady from the UCPS Student Start Up Page.


*If all of these steps have been taken and you are still getting this same message, please let me know.