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Super Band IV

5th grade band students have been running and passing for touchdowns in Super Band IV this week - - much like the Super Bowl game last weekend.
Every year Mr. Harris plays Super Band with his students, where students break up into 2 teams and either run for 5 yards or pass for 10. In order to run, students draw from a stack of cards and answer questions on note values, fingerings/slide positions, and terms learned in band.  To pass for 10 yards, one person is chosen by the team captain to play certain songs in the book that they have worked on!  Touchdowns are passes where they all have to play a song.  Each song has 4 downs (4 chances to get it correct) and in the event of a tie for overtime, they flip a coin and that team has one chance to play a song correctly or it goes to the other team for their turn!
Students have shown that they know their standards from the band material, fingerings, notes, terms, and it also shows them if they really know their music!!  Many students that play it 3 or 4 times, (just like 4 downs in football) learn what it means to concentrate in order to make an average of 9 notes sound great, in tune, rhythmically correct, and with good tone.  A fantastic way to assess learning through a game!!!
We are so proud of our students as they show what they have learned in band this year!