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Mr. William T. Harris, UCPS Band Director

William T Harris, Trombonist with USO, and a UCPS band director, is promoting the trombone to students, community members, and players in the Charlotte metro area, and SC through public performance with the Carolinas’ Trombone Choir. Mr Harris started a Trombone Christmas this past December as part of a national musical event sponsored through the International Trombone Association (ITA). Charlotte was the only NC city to hold this event. Ensembles across the country performed Christmas Carols and Holiday Music in a variety of settings. The Carolinas’ Trombone Choir had their debut concert at the Carolina’s Medical Center Hospital, Main Campus downtown Charlotte. Thirty trombone players from the area performed in the lobby for patrons, families, and the medical staff on December 2, 2017. The ITA also holds a Trombone Week that promotes trombone performances all over the globe. The Carolinas’ Trombone Choir performed on the campus of Belmont Abbey College on April 22, 2018. The group was comprised of students/teachers from UCPS, CLT MECH, and GASTON Co, community members, symphony players. Special guests were the trombone section from the Lake Norman Big Band, who performed two jazz selections. They performed and recorded the National Anthem for use at sporting events, and other trombone choir selections were Samuel Barber’s, “Adagio for Strings”, William Tell Overture, several quartets and duets, Lassus Trombone Meets the Saints, and of course 76 Trombones. The concert was a wide variety of trombone sounds and was a fun, exciting program put together in one rehearsal on the day of the concert! Howren Music brought various trombones, cases, mutes, and other equipment for exhibits, and even provided a new trombone case for raffle! Members also raffled a trombone mouthpiece and an etude book with CD accompaniment. Keep an eye open for this group in December 2018 for another Trombone Christmas! Mr Harris returned to NC after serving 15 years in the USAF Band program. He was stationed in Virginia, Alaska, Massachusetts, and he deployed to Afghanistan in a rock group with horns in 2008. He has been on the brass faculties at East Tennessee State University, the University of Kentucky, and has performed in the Lexington Philharmonic, the Arlington Symphony, the Kingsport Symphony, and now the Union Symphony Orchestra. He holds degrees in trombone performance from Appalachian State, the University of Maryland, and he began Doctoral work before the USAF Bands at the University of Kentucky.