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Honoring Veteran's Day

Many businesses and schools were closed Monday, November 11 for Veteran’s Day.  We were so excited to be out of school, but did we REALLY know what we were celebrating?  Many of our grandparents, parents and guardians, extended family members, and teachers and friends served in the US Military.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard men and women have served our country during time of war, and often times wear hats that show what service they served. Some hats even tell us what war they served. Some veterans came to America to serve in the military and become US Citizens!

Our country takes time out on Veteran’s Day to offer thanks to those military members AND their families for their service and dedication.  Some places gave discounts, a free sandwich and drink, or even an entire meal. Bands across America played at ceremonies, played the service songs, and even gave out medals of Honor and thanks. The best gift of all is for someone to walk up to our veterans and say, “Hi, and thank you for serving our country!” Do not forget about them during the year too!  If you see a Veteran wearing a special hat, go to them with your parents, introduce yourself, and then ask them about their hat! Thank you Veterans and families for serving our country!

Mr. Harris


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