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Summer Reading Challenge

The challenge is to read 10 books this summer. Choose one thing from the “What to Read” column and one thing from the “How to Read” column. When you’re done reading a book you can color in the squares at the bottom of the page to keep track of how many books you have read. 

Don’t forget that you have lots of places to find books to read, such as Destiny, MyOn, and Sora. Once school starts there will be a link on the school website to record how many books you’ve read. We want to see if our school can achieve the goal of reading 4,000 books this summer. Happy Reading!

What to Read

  • Read an ebook
  • Read a graphic novel
  • Read a nonfiction book
  • Read a fiction chapter book
  • Read a picture book
  • Read a biography
  • Read a mystery book
  • Read an historical fiction book
  • Read a funny book

How to Read

  • Read with a flashlight
  • Read to a sibling
  • Read to a parent
  • Read to a pet
  • Read outside
  • Read to a stuffed animal
  • Whisper read
  • Read out loud
  • Read quietly
  • Read in a singing voice


For a printable instruction sheet click here

Marci Gerrish, MLS