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HelpHygiene Foundation Raises Over $6,000!

HelpHygiene In October, the HelpHygiene Foundation held their Annual Local Talent Show at Marvin Ridge High School, a fundraiser where they raised over $6,000. Simran Bhargava, a freshman at MRHS, and Malika Rawal are the co-founders of the HelpHygiene Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The mission of the HelpHygiene Foundation is to improve sanitation in impoverished communities in order to decrease the transmission of noxious disease.

The HelpHygiene Foundation has over 45 members who believe in its purpose and help its mission. Through multiple drives, they have been able to collect over 5,500 toiletries and 2,500 pairs of shoes. These toiletries and shoes were donated to homeless shelters in Charlotte including- A Child’s Place, Discovery Home Care Inc., and The Relatives- Crisis Center. They have donated approximately 800 toiletries to the rehabilitation efforts in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. They have also donated 710 pairs of shoes to the Souls4Soles Campaign, their official partner who took these shoes and gave them to third world countries. In the past year, HelpHygiene have raised a total of $15,380 with the help of our sponsorships and various fundraising events. HelpHygiene

In December of this year, the co-founders are traveling to India for "HelpHygiene Project India". Their goal is to help at least 1,000 people living in poverty by giving them toiletries and shoes. To help the HelpHygiene Foundation with their mission, you can visit their GoFundMe page to donate towards HelpHygiene Project India.


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