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Humane Society Club Collects for The Humane Society of Union, York and Charlotte County

Successful Humane Society Food Drive in front of Harris Teeter -  Jan 18 & 25, 2020

Proceeds given to Union County Humane Society.  Hugely Successful drive.  Car filled to the top and additional car used to transport to the Humane Society of Union County.

January 25, 2020  - Cureton  Huge support from our community – even more successful than week prior.  15 Full shopping carts (double stacked top and bottom of the cart) of collected Dog & Cat food. Two cars filled to provide drop of to York County Humane Society.  Individuals from Kohls, Waxhaw - Associates in Action program joined us for this collection.  By Kohls Associates working with our Humane Society Club on this collection, the HS club received $500 from Kohls to donate to our local animal non profits.

Small portion of donations dropped off at York County Humane Society

Small portion of the donation waiting to be put away at the York County Humane Society.

Humane Society Club

humane society donations