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WCNC Highlights Maverick Students!

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WAXHAW, N.C. — A group of Marvin Ridge High School seniors are on a mission to make sure roads in the community stay clean and trash free.

Every Saturday the student-run organization called Marvin Street Maintenance picks up trash along different streets.  

They've seen it all. From typical litter like napkins and wrappers to car parts.

“The most common would be cups and fast food trash that’s thrown out windows and things that have fallen off of bed of trucks," Robert Young said.

 “We joked that we could’ve even make a car with all the things that were off on the side of the roads," Michael Eisenberg  said.

Robert Young, the founder says, it is an initiative to give back this pandemic.

“Marvin Street Maintenance started right before COVID happened," Young said.

The group started with 5 members. To date, it has nearly 20 members getting involved every weekend.

“It started early on just 5 us just walking down all of the roads in our community and then it exploded just immediately," Lucas Dunker said.

Even the community is taking notice.

 “We got contacted by Reafield Dental down on Rae and they sponsored us giving us money and other equipment such as people to make signs and hats for us," Young said.

The group is not getting paid for their efforts, but their efforts are  paying it forward.

“Anyone can make a difference you just have to be willing to try," Dunker said.

Hoping that alone inspires other students to get out and give back as they continue to exemplify what caring for the community looks like.

“Instead of just lazing around and watching Netflix or binging a show I think this can be pretty fun to do in your free time and you can see what difference you’ve actually made," Eisenberg  said.

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The students even have their own website where you can see what they are doing and sign up to help them!