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Marvin Ridge FBLA Earns Top Honors at State Competition

Marvin Ridge FBLA Earns Top Honors at State Competition


Last week, the Marvin Ridge FBLA officers created and presented an online awards ceremony via Zoom to honor all of their members who competed in the State Leadership Conference. 


Our chapter competed in over 20 different events and were evaluated through presentations, multiple choice testing events, and product creation. Of the students who competed, 82 earned medals, and 34 earned the title of State Champion in their respective events! 


Some other exciting news announced during the ceremony was that Marvin Ridge Sophomore and current MRHS FBLA officer, Esha Singaraju, was elected to serve on the North Carolina FBLA officer team as North Carolina's Southwest Region Vice President. 


MRHS FBLA is extremely proud of all the students who competed and look forward to competing at FBLA Nationals in the coming weeks! The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners listed below have earned an automatic bid to the 2021 FBLA Virtual National Leadership Conference:

State Champions

Parker Easley - Accounting I

Brady Beddingfield - Accounting II

Matthew Warner - Business Calculations

Neha Kondeti, Esha Singaraju, Aiden Tauro - Business Financial Plan 

Emily Burns, Erin Martin - Business Plan 

Arnav Bhatt - Computer Applications

Aditya Krishna, Matthew Rosser - Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Emily Holland, Jinju Hughes - Graphic Design

Carter Rhule - Impromptu Speaking

Varun Warrier - Intro to Business

Devan Patel, Sai Vetcha - Intro to Event Planning

Susan Chemmanoor - Intro to Public Speaking

Cooper Klein, Will Sciepko - Management Decision Making

Bennett Huffman, Declan Waters, Neal Damani - Management Information Systems

Jathin Banala - Political Science

Hadley Hayes - Public Speaking 

Simran Bhargava, Leah Wang - Publication Design

Karan Bisht, Tyler Davis, Collin Soik - Sales Presentation

Jaiden Smith, Hima Vadlamani - Sports and Entertainment Management

Aryan Choudhary, Armaan Sai - Website Design

2nd Place

Ved Patel - Accounting I

Ian Podziewski - Accounting II

Jack Doohan - Business Calculations

Varsha Ravi - Coding & Programming 

Jacob Garrell - Economics

Medha Pillai - Graphic Design 

Jack Downes, Lauren Richards, Liv Santos - International Business

Aryan Vinay - Intro to Business Communication

Noah Santos - Intro to Information Technology

Garrett Jordan - Job Interview 

Erin Martin, Liv Santos, Will Sciepko - Local Chapter Annual Business Report

Medha Das, Camille ElChaar - Marketing

Vibhu Gomatam, Shitij Govil - Mobile Application Development

Aaron Shelton, Ben Palmer - Publication Design

3rd Place

Manas Thumma - Business Calculations

Collin Fenwick - Computer Problem Solving

Siddharth Srivenkatesh - Cyber Security

Baxter Gattis, Jack McDonough, Connor Reiland - Intro to Business Presentation

Logan Johnson - Intro to Business Procedures 

Mason Epperly - Intro to Financial Math

Whitney Williams - Intro to Information Technology

Lucas Dunker - Networking Infrastructures

4th Place

Harrsion Bellamy, Logan Kee - Business Financial Plan 

Srinidhi Jayaprakash - Cyber Security

Riya Shah - Hospitality and Event Management

Jeslyn Pratiknjo - Intro to Business Communication

RJ Gajan - Intro to Financial Math

Top Ten

Matthew Semcesen - Business Communication

Gavin Trapp - Economics

Nathan Travers - Economics

Iman Sair -Health Care Administration

Arvin Deshmukh - Intro to Business

Keerthana Venkatesh - Intro to Business

Shiven Rao - Intro to Business Communication

Chelsea Yu - Intro to Financial Math

Anjali Hunt-Katsuri - Intro to Information Technology

Lucas Hopey - Personal Finance

Vikram Desikan - Political Science

Photo of Marvin Ridge FBLA members during the States Award Ceremony