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Spotlight on the MRHS National Technical Honor Society

Spotlight on the MRHS National Technical Honor Society

Seniors inducted into National Technical Honor Society


Congratulations to seniors Lucas Dunker, Simran Bhargava, and Max Lavin who have been selected as members of the 2020-21 National Technical Honor Society. These students have achieved overall academic success, participated in several Career & Technical Education (CTE) Courses, and demonstrated substantial involvement in one or more CTE Student Organizations.


The National Technical Honor Society recognizes students who excel in one of the 108 career and technical educational fields as their profession. NTHS understands changes in industry within local communities and on a global scale. Not only do NTHS members embody all the attributes and talent which is in demand today, these students also embrace a clear vision for tomorrow’s workforce and their role in it.


When asked what they enjoyed most about their CTE courses and CTE organizations, our members had the following comments:

“The most enjoyable parts of my CTE experience at MRHS were the aspects of collaboration and opportunity; I loved planning events this year with my fellow FBLA officers, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to design coding projects with my friends in the various computer programming classes I attended throughout high school.” 

“My favorite part was the state competitions I attended for FBLA and DECA. They allowed me to become more confident in presenting and helped me build my teamwork skills through the events I competed and placed in.”  ~Simran


“What I enjoyed the most about CTE courses are their direct application to real life jobs; every CTE course I have taken develops skills that are essential to some sort of job out there. This is most apparent with Computer Programming, which seems to be the foundation of the future as technology develops. Also, I enjoyed helping and learning from others, building interpersonal skills that are essential for any workplace.”  ~Max


When asked in what ways they felt their involvement in CTE courses and CTE organizations would benefit them, our members responded:

My computer programming courses helped thoroughly develop my interest in pursuing Computer Science/Computer Engineering as a career choice. Not only will I be entering college with a number of hard skills (experience in a variety of programming languages), I'll be entering with a myriad of well-practiced soft-skills, such as leadership and public speaking.” ~Lucas

“My involvement gave me exposure to a different field that I did not have much precious knowledge in. It even motivated me to pursue the major that I will be pursuing in college—Computer Science and Economics.” ~Simran


“Becoming substantially more skilled in technology opens an abundance of opportunities for me. As society progressively embraces technology more and more, having computer skills is invaluable among many jobs. My involvement in CTE classes introduced me to a more straightforward approach in working and completing tasks that directly applies to the real world. My involvement in CTE organizations has helped strengthen my work ethic. After winning in the FBLA States competition, I gained a newfound sense of confidence in my future knowing that I have what it takes to create something great. This opened up my perspective on the world and made me realize how much opportunity there is.” ~Max

After graduation, Simran will be attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for Computer Science and Economics and plans to pursue a Women in STEM mentorship program. Max plans to go to college at Appalachian State University where he will study to become a Physician's Assistant. Lucas will attend Northeastern University this fall with several merit scholarships. He plans to major in Computer Science with a minor in Music Technology and Computer Engineering. We wish these members much success in their future plans.


We are currently accepting NTHS applications from members of the Class of 2022 between now and September 24th, 2021. For more information, please email:


For more information about the National Technical Honor Society, please visit this website: