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Mavs Science & Engineering Team Excels at Regional Science Fair

The Mavs Science & Engineering Fair (MSEF) team had outstanding results at the Region 6 Science & Engineering Fair on February 10! Out of the fifteen who competed, twelve Mavs placed in the top 3 of their category and will present at the State Fair (NCSEF) in April, and Mason Sufnarski won the region's Grand Award, receiving an automatic bid to present at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in May. Students' project information is listed below. Congratulations, Mavericks! 

For the second consecutive year, Mason Sufnarski won the Grand Award for his project “Sustainable Subsistence: A Low-Cost Method of Greywater Recycling for Hydroponic Agriculture,” completed with Mercer Island High School student Josie Barber. Mason and Josie will bypass states to the Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in May. They also won a Special Award from The United States Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Whitney Williams placed 3rd in Earth/Environmental Sciences for her project “CO2 Levels Effect on Ventilation” and will advance to NCSEF States. Whitney also won a Special Award from The American Meteorological Society. 

Barock Tesfaye and Dominick Russo competed in Biological Science for their project “The Use of Machine Learning in Diagnosing and Treating Psychopathy in its Early Stages.” 

Dhairya Patel and Rhiya Patel placed 1st in Technology for their project “MedComm: Bridging the Communication Gaps in Medical Emergency Situations” and will advance to NCSEF States. 

Shlock Patel, Kirtan Patel, and Aadi Kucheria placed 3rd in Engineering for their project “The Future of Keyboards: A Sustainable Implementation of Piezoelectricity” and will advance to NCSEF States. 

Arvin Deshmukh and Sreethan Gajula placed 2nd in Biological Sciences A for their project “Microbial Degradation of Plastics: A Simple and Effective Solution to the Environmental Crisis At Hand” and will advance to NCSEF States. 

Laira Lee placed 2nd in Biological Science B for her project “The Effects of Different NUDT15 Variants on Thioguanine Toxicity” and will advance to NCSEF States. 

Gabe Mintz placed 2nd in Engineering for his project “A better option for a simple device; building a homemade magnetometer with a hall effect sensor for under $10” and will advance to NCSEF States. Gabe also won a Special Award from The U.S. Metric Association. 

Aiden Lee and Shitij Govil placed 2nd in Earth/Environmental Sciences for their project “Using DEM Derivatives from Quanergy LiDAR Data to Classify Wetlands through Machine Learning.” Aiden and Shitij also won the NASA Earth System Science Special Award.