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Thanking our first responders

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a tragic event that touched every American citizen. Ms. Cudmore, one of our 7th/8th gr LA teachers, was personally affected. In 2001, Ms. Cudmore’s husband was a engineer, and worked at the Naval shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia. He saw the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 disaster and the people and families it directly impacted. He shared the stories he saw and heard with his family which later had a lasting impact on their daughter, Elise. Because she had learned to understand the importance of this life saving work, Elise later chose to become a paramedic.

The anniversary of 9/11 this year overlapped with a tragedy our community was facing, storm Florence. When Ms. Cudmore shared some of her memories of 2001 with her students this year, she reminded them that like those first responders who helped so many people 17 years ago, first responders would also soon be working hard here to assist before, during and after hurricane Florence.

Ms. Cudmore tasked her students with writing a meaningful and heartfelt letter expressing gratitude to local fire fighters, paramedics and police. Some students like Mannat Suri, Jayla Breland and Adre Berard wrote about how first responders had made a difference in their lives. Others shared stories illustrating their appreciation for the knowledge and expertise these people need to do their work every day.

These first responders have definitely been working hard in our local community and surrounding areas to help mitigate the destruction of Florence so letters acknowledging their commitment was especially welcome now.