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Ms. Pan's Chinese immersion class

It is fascinating to walk into the 6th grade Chinese immersion classroom and listen to the students give presentations in fluent Mandarin Chinese. 

Most of these students have been together in the Chinese immersion program since kindergarten.  Their class is like an extended family. This is evident as the students give their group presentations.  Although only a few words are spoken in English one can see how the students work together.  They are currently studying social studies and had worked on collaborating in groups to research and study ancient civilizations. During their presentations, each student explained, in Mandarin, a different aspect of the assignment helping each other an adding input as they demonstrated their learning.

“Students are not only learning new social studies concepts but also how to express those ideas and vocabulary using the Chinese language,” said Ms. Pan, the 6th grade Chinese immersion teacher.  It is challenging but you will never find Ms. Pan without a smile.  She is vivacious, engaging and knowledgeable and this is reflected in her students in her classroom.