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2016 Hispanic Educational Summit

2016 Hispanic Educational Summit at North Carolina State University 

Twenty-five students from Monroe High School, Monroe Middle, Porter Ridge High School, CATA and Early College attended the 2016 Hispanic Educational Summit. The Summit took place on Friday, March 11th at the North Carolina State University McKimmon Conference Center in Raleigh, NC.

The Hispanic Summit is organized by the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professional. It is the largest educational summit for Hispanic students in North Carolina and it provides students with important up to date information about the resources and choices they have as they prepare for college life.

The program included motivational keynote presentations by Fabian Ramirez and Attorney Yesenia L. Polanco-Galdamez who highlighted the importance of acquiring an education. They used their personal stories to stress the role of education in the improvement of student’s lives. They stressed the importance of giving back to the community as well. Dr. Polanco shared how she was able to overcome obstacles and complete her educational journey to become a successful attorney.

The Summit was once again an excellent showcase of global themes and the immigrant experience in the US and more specifically in North Carolina. It brought together more than 700 students from different counties in the State to help them prepare for their future challenges in education. Students were able to identify key steps they need to take to complete their high school career and go to college.

Monroe High School students visited several classes to share their global experience with their peers. During their presentations, students passed on information about colleges and universities they learned through their participation in the summit. They shared the importance of seeing education as a holistic process that involves academics, extra-curricular activities and community involvement. Several students have requested to attend next year’s Hispanic Summit. Monroe High School and Union County plan to continue the traditional attendance to such important conference.


Mr. Jaime Tejada