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FBI Agents Vist MHS for Career Day



FBI Agents Visit MHS for Career Day

Monroe High School students were in awe last week as they received a visit from members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The "female" agents were on site to speak with students enrolled in Ms. Staton's Law and Justice I course as well  Public Safety I. Mrs.  Goings Biomedical students were able to take part in the open session and given the opportunity to meet and greet the FBI staff as well.  The students were able to hear presentations from the Human Resources Director, Human Resource Specialist, Program Analyst and Special Agents to discuss the FBI process from beginning to end.  Students were able to explore career options and explore potential careers within the historical agency.  The topics of discussion included dialogue which encouraged the students to Say No to Drugs as well as making appropriate life choices to ensure a successful future in any career they may select.  Students were also given information on the various academic majors which would support careers with the agency as well as steps to gain admission into the FBI Teen Academy.


note-agent faces not shown to protect their identity