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World Water Day Celebration

water Enviromental Science Students Celebrate World Water Day

This year for World Water Day (, a United Nations annual recognition of the importance of water to life on Earth, Monroe High School Earth and Environmental Science students received visitors from HDR, Inc. and Union County Government. Mr. Blackwell and Ms. Wilson from HDR, Inc., in collaboration with Mr. Jordan from Union County Government delivered a presentation and demonstrations highlighting clean water as a finite resource that must be protected by our personal actions. The students grew in their understanding of how difficult it is to clean water after it has been polluted by urban or agricultural runoff. We also all acquired a new appreciation for what a great job Union County does in supplying clean water to its residents as well as ensuring the protection of natural streams and rivers. The students were able to engage in an experiment designed to clean dirty, oily water using basic supplies such as sand, rocks, and coffee filters to mimic natural processes found in wetlands and soil - Earth’s natural water filters. It was a fun and interactive day learning how our natural environment is able to filter water as long as we don’t cause too much environmental damage and work to conserve and protect the valuable resources available to us!


For a quick overview of World Water Day this year, watch the following:

Megan Blackwell