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Health Science Students Receive White Coats

Saturday, October 13, 2018 some of Monroe High School's Health Science students were awarded their white coats in a White Coat Ceremony at Levine College of Health Sciences.

They were presented with a white lab coat as a confirmation of their professionalism and their commitment to the health science field.  A part of this program is sponsored by Wingate University School of Pharmacy in which MHS Health Science program were recipients of a $15,000 grant that continually aids our students in furthering their ideals.

Josett Goings, MSN, RN, from MHS, spoke during the ceremony of the positive impact this program has had on their students.

Student volunteers from Wingate University School of Pharmacy mentor both MHS and Forest Hills High School and assist our students with projects, career prep, presentations and more.  As a benefit of their assistance, the new receipients of the "white coats" participated in a Health Career Day at the Wingate University Football Game.  They presented information to guests and attendees about items such as exercise, heart disease and the prevention of, as well as diabetes prevention, monitoring and care.  

There are other projects planned in the future for these receipients in the Spring Health Fair to be held at Wingate University.