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Celebrating our Assistant Principals!

We are lucky at HSA@MMS that we have four outstanding Assistant Principals! From student to teacher support, HSA@MMS would not be the same without Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Byrd, Dr. Bellamy and Mr. Swackhamer.

Celebrate APs

In this unprecedented time, Assistant Principals have stepped up to the challenge of navigating the unknown waters. 8th Grade Faculty Member Ms. Owens shared of Mrs. Byrd, "Whenever we meet, she gives me relief in knowing that my health and mind are more important than anything else. She brings me an energy to work because I know she cares." Mrs. Lefebvre shared the same of Dr. Bellamy, " Bellamy has been checking in with staff (not just regarding remote learning…he wants to make sure we are okay). He’s created a 7th grade Canvas page where he’s keeping up with students and giving them fun tasks to complete so we can keep in touch!" 6th Grade concured, a teacher shared, "Swack has been very accommodating in this new learning phase, and made us feel like what we are doing is good and enough." 

Here is just a sample of the kind words our staff had to share for our Assistant Principals! 

For Mrs. Griffin:

  • "Griffin is always a calm presence." -HSA@MMS Faculty Member
  • "Mrs. Griffin has always been supportive of me. From the first day I arrived, she was my grade level AP, she has always listened to my concerns and helped me find solutions." - Mrs. Louprette

For Mrs. Byrd:

  • "Mrs. Byrd is open to our thoughts and ideas. She respects our specialties and treats us like professionals." - Mrs. Louprette
  • "Little things mean a lot! Like her taking the time to say, "Thank you!" - Mr. Ervin

For Dr. Bellamy:

  • "What makes Mr. Bellamy awesome is his ability to bring a calmness to a situation.  He is able to maintain his composure at all times and allows others to gracefully find theirs without making them feel as though there is something wrong with them in the process.  He brings a lightheartedness to tense situations without invalidating the severity of them. Mr. Bellamy grounds us and supports us and that is why people cannot imagine life at HSA@MMS without him." -HSA@MMS Faculty Member
  • "It is truly an honor to work with Dr. Bellamy! He is genuine and leads with heart. We are incredibly lucky to have him at HSA@MMS!" -Mrs. Lefebvre

For Mr. Swackhamer:

  • "Mr. Swackhamer is very supportive of the EC department. He is always willing to jump in and help out with our meetings. He writes the best prior written notices!!" - Mrs. Louprette
  • "Swackhamer engages students on their level." -HSA@MMS Faculty Member