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Piedmont High School Student Visits Former Teacher

Gregory Floyd, Piedmont High School Senior, stopped by New Salem Elementary to visit his former first grade teacher Mrs. Tammy Parker. She was extremely excited about the visit because it had been many years since she has seen this young man. Imagine her surprise when she walked into the office after being summoned there by the data manager Gina James. Instead of the litltle first grader from her memory there stood a young man.

Gregory and Mrs. Parker share a common factor in that they both have faced life threatening illnesses in recent years. Gregory suffering from leukemia and went through many weeks and months of treatment. He is now in remission and doing well. Mrs. Parker suffered an Aortic Dissection this past summer and came close to death and she is also doing well now.  They were able to share their life experiences and find common ground in feeling extremely blessed.

Mrs. Parker shared the following statement.  "This is what teaching is all about in that you make a lasting impression in the life of a child." 

We wish them well in their journeys in life.