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8.25.2021 COVID Support Plan

Our first three days of school have been great.  We are excited to see all our kindergarteners at school tomorrow which will make day four the best! 

We are also excited to be able to offer support for students if they are quarantined due to Covid.    

Our Covid Support Plan consists of three levels of support if your child is quarantined:

Tier 1 - Your child's teacher of record will provide assignments and resources for your child while quarantined via Canvas.  Your classroom teacher will connect with you to discuss the Tier 1 plan for your child.  Your child is responsible for submitting work while absent.  The classroom teacher will grade and provide feedback as work is submitted. 

Tier 2 - As an additional layer of support, we will be providing virtual after hour academic and tech support to your child while they are out of school.  You and your child can access a certified New Salem Teacher during scheduled after-hour support times. This support is ONLY for students who are quarantined.     

Tier 3 - UCPS will provide district tutors that can be utilized per parent request. At this time, tier 3 is currently unavailable. More information regarding Tier 3 support will be forthcoming.

If your child is quarantined you will be contacted by your classroom teacher and our Covid Support Plan manager, Renee Denninger.  

If you have questions please feel free to contact me.