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3rd Grade Loves STEAM and Project Based Learning

Learning at New Town Elementary has become even more exciting! Thanks to a partnership with Wake Forest University, students and teachers are diving into Problem and Project Based Learning, PBL. Students are engaged in a design, inquiry, and creative approach to learning. They are working together to solve problems or create projects that help them meet the educational subject standards. For example, third graders will be helping each other “Find Swooper” who is lost in the building and needs to be found for the Swooper Sprint. Student groups will be creating maps and clues for one another using their cardinal and intermediate directions along with relative location, to find him. What a great way for teachers to assess that the students have met the SS standards in that are!

 To further increase student learning, New Town has begun a new STEAM curriculum. Mr. Bryan McKenzie has taken on this exciting new class. The students are truly enjoying their time in the STEAM lab. Recently, our third graders had the chance to interview Mr, McKenzie to learn more about this new venture for our school.

Q: What is STEAM?

A: Science Technology Engineering Art Math

 Q: Why do we study it?

A: Why not? It’s awesome

 Q: What activities will we be doing in the STEAM Lab?

A: We will use i-Pads and Chromebooks this year. We will be working with math games, puzzles, and building materials. We will study various Science topics as well.

 Q: Why did you want to teach the STEAM Lab?

A: I love being at New Town and having the opportunity to build a program from the beginning.

 Mr. McKenzie’s enthusiasm is already rubbing off on our students. Every time they hear that they are heading to STEAM, there is a cheer. We can’t wait to watch this program grow!