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4th Grade Enjoys Computer Science Education Week

This past week, sttudents across fourth grade explored a variety of tasks related to Computer Science.  From learning basic language terms related to the field to the very elementary levels of coding, students walked through simple steps such as creating and breaking down arm and leg movements by coding it into a simple program.  Next, students progressed to a more complex coding algorithm and put it together in a grade level favorite, “Dance Party.”  “My class was very excited to have a chance to design their own versions of games they know and love during our hour of code,” said Mrs. Reyes. “One of the most popular games students chose was from Dance Party, in which they were able to create their own choreography and visuals to pair up with a popular song choice.”


Mrs. Peoples’ students kicked off Computer Science Education Week by by watching a short video about a twelve-year-old programmer. Students left a comment in Google classroom stating what they found most interesting about the segment.  Students then explored hour of code activities including programming character movements in Minecraft by using codes to control actions and avoiding obstacles in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as well as designing their own animated stories.  Students in Mrs. Grieco’s class worked together to learn binary code to create holiday themed games.  And students in Mrs. Banerji’s, Ms. Brandt’s and Miss Ma’ani’s classes dug deeper on to create games, solve puzzles and used a variety of apps and websites like BitsBox, Tynker and 


Fourth grade students really enjoy integrating technology on a daily basis throughout the curriculum.  Websites such as Flipgrid make learning and assessing a topic a fun experience for both the teachers and the kids.