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Spotlight on 1st Grade

First graders spent a day celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday by incorporating many fun activities into the day.  We read Green Eggs and Ham. Then each class learned how to make Green Eggs and Ham.  When we were done cooking, the students were able to try them. We then surveyed whether they liked them, didn’t like them, or didn’t even try them, by using tally marks and bar graphs. Many students LOVED eating the green eggs and ham.  Students also read the Cat in the Hat and then made a Thing 3 and wrote about what they would do if they were Thing 3.

 Some students even participated in a STEAM challenge by building the tallest red and white hat.  This was a tricky but fun challenge.  Many students read Bartholomew and the Oobleck, and made Oobleck.  They were fascinated how the Oobleck was a solid and a liquid.

As students celebrated Dr. Seuss, they also dressed as their favorite book characters.  Students dressed as Golidlicious, Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, Harry Potter and many other famous book characters.  The first grade teachers and assistants also joined in the fun and dressed as characters from Laura Numeroff books.  It was such a fun day for students and staff!

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