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Spotlight on AIG

March has been a very busy month for Mrs. Jacob’s 4th grade reading students. The students presented a performance titled: Postcards and Poetry from Ancient Greece.  The production was a culmination of a reading unit on Ancient Greece. During the performance, the students shared Greek facts; wore masks while reciting a choral Reader’s Theatre; performed a fashion show of Greek clothing; modeled belts they wove out of yarn; recited poetry and carried out a talk show of Greece’s greatest philosophers.  As part of the unit of study, the students read the book The Lightning Thief, along with the other books in the series.

In addition, the student’s masterpieces lined the walls of New Town the month of March. For this project, students painted a masterpiece inspired by the work of a great artist. Mrs. Jacob held afterschool art classes to teach the students how to paint using the grid technique.

student painting