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Celebrate Assistant Principal Appreciation Week!

We are so lucky to have two HAWKSOME Assistant Principals at New Town Elementary - Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Rackley.  They each bring their own set of of unique talents and experience to support students and staff. 

During this time of school closure they are both staying connected to their New Town family.  Although Mrs. Williams is currently on maternity leave, she participated in the Teacher Parade so she could see all of our students AND staff that she has missed so much.  She is excited to come back to work and dive into this new normal of remote learning in UCPS.  Mrs. Rackley has been popping up on teacher conference meet-ups with their classes to say "Hi!" - maybe you've seen her?!  She is also taking time to reach out to staff to make sure we are all healthy and happy during this time of change.

Fun Fact - both Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Rackley have welcomed new babies into their families.  While Mrs. Williams had a new baby boy in March, Mrs. Rackley became a first-time grandmother last summer.

In honor of Assistant Principal Appreciation Week, show our Assistant Principals some love and let them know you think they are HAWKSOME! Take a moment to send Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Rackley an email to let them know how much you appreciate and miss them!

Mrs Williams Mrs. Rackley