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School Nurses: so much more than band-aids and ice packs!

Happy School Nurse Appreciation Day! You may not have thought about Nurse Jones during this time of quarantine because Nurse Mom and Nurse Dad have been on duty but Nurse Jones has been thinking about YOU! She is here to support our HAWKS in times of crisis and illness, regardless of whether they're in school or not.Nurse Jones

As our HAWKsome School Nurse, she has been keeping up-to-date with our HAWKS who have daily and emergency medications at school and attending ZOOM meetings  with school nurses across the county who work in cooperation with Union County to coordinate emergency operations.

Nurse Jones started her career working in a hospital but became saddened by how sick people could be and decided to move into Public Health to educate people about how to be healthy  so they wouldn't be sick later on. From there, iIt was an easy decision to move to becoming a School Nurse and we are so lucky to have her at NTES!

When she isn't checking in on students, Nurse Jones has recently become a member of Carolina Masks which is a group that provides homemade masks to people in healthcare situations.  She has also volunteered with Loaves & Fishes to provide food to needy families.  Although Nurse Jones has missed seeing her students, she has enjoyed being with her family more, planting a garden and catching up on Nursing Journals that she never seemed to have time to read before!  

It's hard to imagine Nurse Jones as anything but a School Nurse but she has sung professionally and started college to become a Music Teacher! Perhaps there is a duet between Nurse Jones and Mrs. Clink in our future!  

Check out Nurse Jones's website or send her an email to let her know how much you miss her and how you're staying healthy during this time of quarantine.