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Spotlight on PE!

hula hoops For a lot of our HAWKS, every day during this time of quarantine has been PE day and they couldn’t be happier.  Whether you have been checking out the Special Area Choice Board for weekly suggested PE activities, you’ve just been riding your bike everywhere or jumping on a trampoline, Mrs. Stewart is happy that her HAWKS are staying active!

Field Day is an eagerly anticipated event in elementary school and Mrs. Stewart is excited to announce that families will have the opportunity to compete in a Virtual Field Day that kicks off on Monday, May 11th and runs through Sunday, May 17th!  Check out the NTES Virtual Field Day game board here; will your homeroom win the class challenge? She can’t wait to see pictures of our HAWKsome families enjoying some friendly and fun competition with other.

Teaching Physical Education remotely is hard because it is a social activity; our HAWKS play together and motivate each other.  Mrs. Stewart misses the connections, interactions, motivation and FUN that she has with her students.  She misses YOU!

Even though Mrs. Stewart isn’t teaching PE every day, she has stayed active and busy during this time at home.  She’s enjoyed the beautiful weather outside with her three boys who are 14, 10 and 8; they ride bikes, walk and go fishing.  They even took a quick trip to 40 Acre Rock in Lancaster County where they climbed, hiked and picked wildflowers!

It’s probably no surprise that if Mrs. Stewart wasn’t a PE teacher she would probably be doing a job related to the outdoors or nature – she LOVES being outside.  Each summer, her family takes off on a 5,000+ mile road trip exploring the United States.  This past summer they explored Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota visiting EIGHT national parks!

Send Mrs. Stewart an email  and let her know your favorite way to stay active while you’ve been at home! 

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