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How are you feeling today?

Welcome to Character Education - take a moment to do an emotional check-in with yourself or someone else in the room!   Make sure you check out the Remote Learning for Specials Choice Board to watch the final Character Education lesson of the year, you might even see some special guest stars make an appearance!

Feelings checkin Did you know our School Counselor, Mrs. Vaughn and her family just moved to North Carolina last August from Illinois?  She grew up as one of ten kids (7 of which still live in Illinois) so you can imagine she has missed her family this year (thank goodness for FaceTime and Zoom!).

Mrs. Vaughn has really enjoyed the extra family time with her four children and thinks this has been the perfect time to play and imagine or go off on tangents with interest or curiosities. They love doing emotional check-ins with each other much like our HAWKS do during Character Education.  When Mrs. Vaughn isn’t creating a chalk sensory path on her driveway with her children or practicing empathy with them, she can be found binge-watching shows, relaxing in the sun and finding a reason every day to smile.

One of Mrs. Vaughn’s counseling interests are kids that live with trauma and she has been focusing on her Neurosequential Model in Education training since the school closure which helps expand her knowledge of the brain and education as well as  trauma informed practices for students and schools.  She has also been catching up on best practices with other school counselors throughout UCPS and in her previous state of Illinois to continue to plan for the best and most effective school counseling program at New Town Elementary.

Vaughn Family

Mrs. Vaughn has truly missed the group and individual sessions with students she was working with, as well as all of the hugs, smiles, pictures, notes, and being able to see her friends at school!  Send Mrs. Vaughn an email and let her know what made you smile today.