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Take a stroll down memory lane with our 5th Grade Team!

 This has definitely been a year to remember for our 5th grade HAWKS! Although 5th grade is typically a year of “lasts,” this year brought some unexpected and unprecedented “firsts” as well. Who could have guessed that the trip to Charleston would have happened in the midst of a monsoon or that school as you knew it would have ended on March 11th (hello, e Coli and COVID19!).

As our 5th grade teachers reflect back on this past school year, several favorite memories came to mind.

Ms. Wuerfel remembers class kickball games as a highlight - no stress, just fun and everyone having a good time. She also will never forget the boys’ table at lunch between the food swap negotiations and dares to eat various mystery concoctions. In terms of classroom activities, the poetry slam was an impressive display of creativity and will easily be remembered as an example of what her HAWKS can accomplish when they work hard and think outside the box.Swooper

 Ms. Sagona’s favorite memories are around the Charleston trip and her science labs. Seeing her HAWKS’ excitement and hearing them discuss their observations made her teacher heart happy!  She especially loved the owl pellet dissection and using physics knowledge to build your own roller coaster.

 Mrs. Costain remembers how much her HAWKS enjoyed the Charleston field trip despite the amazingly horrible weather. No one complained (at least not to her!) and seemed to take the challenges and changes in stride which is exactly what we hope all of our HAWKS learn while they are at NTES!

 Mrs. Taylor enjoys thinking back to the Swooper Sprint; as a runner herself, she was so impressed with her HAWKS and had a great time participating with them.


While Mrs. Terwilliger also loved the Charleston field trip, her best classroom memory was dissecting owl pellets as her HAWKS had so much fun discovering what the owl ate. Without fail, the students that start out disgusted usually end up becoming the most engrossed!

Mrs. Roberts will miss just laughing with her HAWKS everyday. No matter what was happening or what kind of mood she was in, someone in her class would do something kind and make her smile or tell a joke and she would be laughing in no time.

Although it was hard for Mrs. Thomas to recall just one favorite memory from the past school year, she thinks the best memory was meeting all of her HAWKS for the first time.  The butterflies in her stomach on “Meet the Teacher” night is one of the best feelings; seeing everyone’s excitement, nerves and beautiful smiles is something that she will always cherish!

Our two CBSS teachers had several 5th grade HAWKS between their two classrooms.  Both Ms. Haring and Mrs. Nichols’ favorite memory was Swooper’s Sprint!  For Mrs. Nichols, it was her first week at New Town and it was an awesome way to see her student’s silly personalities shine through!  Mrs. Haring remembers how much fun they had running, dancing and cheering each other on.

Cole and Eli

Some of our 5th grade HAWKS spend time during the school day with Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Jacob, our HAWKsome AIG teachers. What do they recall as their favorite memory from this past school year?  Mrs. Jacob remembers teaching her math students about the stock market; they discussed how outside events that are not related to money could affect stock prices.  Sounds like a HAWKtastic lesson in real world math considering the past few months!  Are any of Mrs. Hayes’ students surprised to learn that her favorite memory was singing and dancing the AIG song to the beat of “The Git Up?” Oh, if only there was some hidden video camera in her trailer! 

As our HAWKsome teachers know all too well, with the sunshine comes a little rain.  Across the board the 5th grade team agreed that the abrupt ending to the school year was the worst part. Mrs. Nichols’ expressed that she is sad she never got to give her HAWKS a big hug goodbye which is a sentiment shared by all of our teachers. Not one of them could have guessed that Wednesday, March 11th, was going to be the last day to see their HAWKS in the classroom.slime

Although it is great to see smiling faces on a ZOOM call, nothing can replace actually being together in the classroom.  Mrs. Roberts put it best when she described how amazing her students are and that she just wanted to be able to soak up every second in the classroom with them.The entire 5th grade team and their HAWKtastic students still had so many classroom memories to make through the end of the year including Field Day,  participating in the Special Olympics, the 5th Grade Party Yearbook Signing. 

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful 5th grade team at NTES.  They are instrumental in preparing our HAWKS for the final push out of our nest and into the big world of middle school!